Corporate Connectivity & Hosted Voice
Robust, Reliable & Cost Effective Connectivity
Hosted Openscape Business S from Unify
Mobile Working & Collaboration
Industry Leading SLAs and Customer Service
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  • Corporate Connectivity & Hosted Voice
  • Robust, Reliable & Cost Effective Connectivity
  • Hosted Openscape Business S from Unify
  • Mobile Working & Collaboration
  • Industry Leading SLAs and Customer Service

Some UK Leading Brands who trust Viegli

Great Coffee on the Go
  • Jargon Buster
    Take the "mystery" out of cloud based communication by partnering with Viegli. We make it simple and robust for our clients. We take what might seem complicated and deliver technology that is easy, cost effective and 100% reliable.
  • What is Hosted Voice ?
    Traditional telephone systems were / are boxes on wall(s). We've moved the "box" into our world class data centres and deliver the same robust, reliable and industry leading Unify Openscape Business S platform from there.
  • Is Cloud Based Voice Reliable ?
    The short answer is done badly - NO! Done properly - YES! We only build systems for clients that are connected directly to our data centres using our ultra reliable internet connectivity. We NEVER introduce the public internet to the equation and we are connected directly to the carriers for external calls.
  • What are my Connectivity Options ?
    We can provide all types of connectivity from 3g and 4G on mobile, ADSL and Fibre ADSL as well as EFM (copper ethernet) and Fibre Ethernet upto 10GB. What we specialise in is increasing your bandwidth and then using that "asset" to deliver world class Unified Communication.
  • Why should I go for Cloud based Solutions ?
    The world has changed for businesses. Our workforce is more mobile, we rely heavily on the internet for reaching out to clients. We perform more and more tasks for our clients remotely. Basing your company in "the cloud" makes your business more nimble, more accessable and more productive.
  • Why Should I Trust Viegli ?
    Simple answer is because we care. You'll never just be a number for us. We are a quality not quantity business. Our consultative approach means we're with you all the way and you'll always have access to our 24/7/365 dedicated support team. We are trusted by some of the countries best known brands including Costa Express and Scope - if they trust us - so can you.
  • You can connect to the Viegli core services using 3G and 4G mobile data. You can be part of the UC platform whilst mobile.
    We provide standard broadband products for our smaller clients. A standard ADSL supports 3-4 concurrent perfect quality voice calls.
    Ethernet over Fibre Broadband (EoFTTC) offers a robust, cost effective solution when replacing traditional ISDN30 circuits. Perfect for connecting larger sattelite offices to our core.
    EFM (Copper Ethernet) circuits are superb for linking larger, voice critical, sites to our network. These circuits offer better SLA's than EoFTTC and provide an excellent solution for larger voice sites.
    Most of our clients have Fibre Ethernet circuits used for both Voice & Data. We run dedicated VLAN's on the fibre to our voice core, leaving the rest of the bandwidth freely available for Internet applications.
    Our multi site clients enjoy all of the benefits of a bespoke wide area network using MPLS technology. These "clever" networks reduce the management burden and increase performance.
  • Your new platform sits on your own, dedicated, Virtual Server built using the latest VmWare technology.
    The Openscape Business S platform from Unify scales to 1500 users and is built on nearly 160 years of telephony heritage.
    Have lots of inbound calls? The myAgent application brings calls, email and fax into a single place - improving productivity and customer service.
    The myPortal application delivers a feature rich desktop environment integrating your PC wth the telephony platform. The myPortal for Outlook plugin embeds this within Microsoft Outlook.
    Got mobile workers? No problem. The myPortal to Go application turns your mobile phone into an extension on the system. Fully integrated with presence, directories and call features.
    Need web collaboration, screen sharing and conferencing? Circuit from Unify delivers a rich collaboration experience - fully integrated to your voice platform.
  • A simple, no nonsense, all you can eat tariff on the Vodafone network allowing you to manage costs effectively.
    Our dedicated support team are available for all your staff during normal office hours. Lessening the burden on IT departments.
    Clever M2M (Machine to Machine) sim solutions including worldwide roaming sims and aggregated data. Full reporting and management.
    Vigil can supply any mobile device sim free increasing value to our clients. Furthermore we don't "tie" a handset into the contract so all your sims are on a 30 day rolling contract.
    We specialise in managing complex estates and our unique helpdesk and portal services ensure that your staff are always on the right tariff, with the right bolt ons, making sure you don't get any bill shocks.
    Our simple approach to mobile telephony has won us many friends in the business community. Our "estate management" is second to none and we're always looking to reduce your costs where we can by managing the estate properly.
About Viegli
Viegli are a specialist voice & data company providing world class communication services to our clients.
We specialise in hosted voice within scaleable, robust wide area networks.

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